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Monthly experiment 1 introduction: Fasting and ketogenic diet

Enter Dr. Dominic D’Agostino

Dr. Dom is one of my favorite guests in the podcast. He belongs to top experts in medical uses of ketogenic diet (high fat low carb diet) and fasting. And this will be my first monthly experiment.

If you are new to the topic of good fats and fasting, I highly recommend listening to their inspiring conversation about health, beating cancer and lifting 500 lbs after 7 day fast.

I follow him since then and especially enjoy his interviews with other medical experts. Why would I enjoy watching medical experts talk, without ever being educated in medicine? Because he doesn’t pretend he knows everything and he asks a lot of questions instead, so I can learn a lot. Watch this discussion with Dr. Rhonda Patrick to see what I mean. Or you can read his blog here.

Fat is back

Yes. Fat is back. And so is fasting. More and more research is being published about how our bodies need certain fats and suggesting that the modern diet is driving not only a lot of digestive issues, but is probably behind the epidemic of diabetes and Alzheimers (now nicknamed Type 3 diabetes), depressions and plethora of other health problems. There are very promising studies about ketogenic treatment and fasting for certain types of cancer, and the diet is used to treat “untreatable” epileptic seizures for decades.

And there are these claims about certain fats being the superior source of energy for the body.

For some time I thought this is bullcrap, but inspired by my friend Juraj I did experiment about a year and half ago when I decided to drink bulletproof coffee* every morning for 1 month. I ended up replacing my traditional breakfast of 6 years (2 eggs and veggie, as in “slow carb diet”) because of how it made me feel.

As with many things in biology, this will not work for everyone. But in my late 30s I have much more energy and feel much better than 10 years ago, and I attribute that to my diet. Changes in the way I eat had major impact on quality of my life.

Right now my diet is predominantly loads of vegetables and leaves, eggs, fish and sardines, seafood and butter, but I still eat carbs like sweet potatoes, fruits and rice in different forms a few times a week. Don’t judge me, I live in Asia. I tried kind-of-ketogenic diet but I didn’t have very good results so I stopped. Looking back I was probably not doing the right things. Now I have detailed guide in Tools of Titans including meal suggestions so it should be easier. It seems that women are more likely to not have great results with ketosis, so I’ll have to pay attention to that.


Fasting is also not very new to me. A few months ago I started habit of doing 20-38 hour fasts on Thursdays. But I’ve never voluntarily tried fasting longer than 40 hours. For a long time I am thinking about challenging myself to do a longer fast, so this is a good opportunity.

You can find the protocol for my experiment here.


*In case you have been living under a rock and don’t know what bulletproof coffee is: It’s coffee, butter, and MCT oil, blended together to liquid frothy piece of deliciousness. It serves 2 things mainly – steady delivery of caffeine to your system (instead of spike and fall as with normal coffee), and it kickstarts your body to switch to fat metabolism. Plus MCTs are very efficiently metabolized into energy outside of the standard metabolism, so you get immediate energy boost. Plus it tastes really well – I take mine with a pinch of cinnamon and literally look forward to it every morning.

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