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Titan Experiment initiated – Improving life through systems (vs. goals)

I am really interested in making my life better, making myself more productive and more happy. Who would not be?

Thanks to my history with food allergies I learned very early that seemingly harmless things might have impact on how I feel and perform, and that every one of us is different and react to things differently.

N=1 experiments make huge sense if that N is you, or someone like you.

But I started putting that into practice only after I turned 30 and things started being more difficult. This was the time when my friend gave me a copy of 4 hour body and I started experimenting with some of the recommendations there, including the Slow Carb Diet. In 3 weeks into the diet I had a great discovery – I’m sensitive to gluten and the mental fog and bloating that I used to feel and consider normal was *not* normal. I thought I was living healthy life even before that, but this experiment pushed me to really pay attention to how everything makes me feel instead of following general knowledge on what is considered healthy “in general”.

Don’t get me wrong. I do not worship Tim Ferriss and credit him for all the good in my life, or follow everything he says. I have other sources of information and inspiration. But he is a fantastic collector of interesting people, stories, strategies and tools. I read his books, and I listen to his podcast since the beginning and implemented a lot of things into my life, and many of them worked. For example I knew meditation was good for me, but just after he mentioned Headspace I found the tool which made my daily practice a reality.

Now I have the Tools of Titans in my hands. Book with hundreds of pages of recommendations by top performers in areas ranging from exercise and nutrition through spiritual practices up to investment approaches. Some are very specific, some are quite vague. Do they relate to my life? How am I going to find out which are worth keeping? How am I even going to try them and know if they work?

One of the tools described in the book (by Scott Adams, the author of Dilbert) is to create systems instead of goals. With a goal, you either win or you lose. With a good system, you can win even if you lose, because you acquire new skills, build new network etc.

I decided to build such system for myself and for testing of Tools of Titans – the Titan Experiment blog.

What is the difference?

Goal would be “I will test X from the book and expect result Y”. If the result is Y, I win. If the result doesn’t equal to Y, I loose.

System is “I will consistently test XYZ from the book for a period of time and blog about it”. Even if XYZ don’t bring expected results, I will acquire skills on the way (building website, continuous testing, overcoming fears, practicing vulnerability, writing, designing experiments, acquiring skills, and maybe finding similar people).

Goals are for losers, winners use systems.
Welcome to my system, and if you see any improvements I should consider, or you want to suggest an experiment or join me in one of them, please let me know in comments.

Thank you and I hope you will enjoy it – I know I will.

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