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Weekly experiment 1 introduction: Titanium tea

What would be a better way to start the Titan Experiment than drinking the Titanium tea?

This name is probably a parody on bulletproof coffee, and it shares similar weird concept of mixing the hot beverage with caffeine (pu-erh tea and green tea in Tim’s case) with energy-efficient fats (MCTs/medium chain triglycerides), and tops it up with turmeric and ginger for their anti-inflammatory properties. This mix should be healthy and give you a lot of energy.

Maybe you don’t cringe imagining mixing pu-erh and green tea or oolong. But dumping spices in must sound outrageous. And don’t get me even started about putting in butter and oil – I’ve spent more than a year being frown upon because I do that.

For the fat part, as a BP coffee user I swear by it. It will for sure not work for everyone, but routinely recommend people trying it. If you can’t get hold of MCT oil, you can start with gras-fed butter and good coconut oil (which sadly is what most of the places that sell the coffee do anyway).
Alongside with this weekly experiment with Titanium tea I am also doing related monthly experiment with fasting and ketogenic diet (you can read more about the “good fats” there), so this will be a perfect way to start my day.

For the turmeric and ginger part, I’m not so sure. I find it a bit counterproductive, and not only because it will kill the taste of the tea. MCTs are used to mimic the positive effects of fasting, and those happen through hormetic response as the body is under a mild stress. I’m not sure if adding one of the most powerful anti-oxidants in the mix would or would not shut down the hormetic effect. This is why I usually take my curcumin in the evening (when the inflammation kicks in the hardest anyway).

The exact recipe and rules for the experiment are available here.

Fun fact: the first day of this experiment I happen to be in Hong Kong for a short trip with my husband. Which is great because we ran out of pu-erh at home and there’s a lot of teashops in Hong Kong. We bought a nice raw 10 year old pu-erh cake. Please don’t tell the shop owner I will be brewing it with oolong tea and ruining it with turmeric.

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