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Monthly experiment 1: Rules of Ketogenic diet and fasting experiment

Titan Dominic D’Agostino
Who is he/she Scientist, expert on ketogenic diet. Deadlifted 500 pounds for 10 reps after a seven-day fast
Name Ketogenic diet and fasting
Category Healthy
Duration 15.4.-14.5.2017
Claim Fasting and ketogenic diet can be valuable tools for improving health and performance. By following 70-20-10 fat-protein-carb ratio I should be able to achieve at least mild ketosis. Also being in ketosis should make it easier for the body to switch to fat metabolism next time it is required.
(please note that both should be done under medical supervision, and you need to know which fats are good and which are bad)Fasting in general is considered as one of the ways to achieve health and longevity because of it impact on metabolism. Fasting for at least 3 days reboots (in a good way) immunity system, and it should be relatively easy if it starts in ketogenic state, or is kickstarted by exogenous ketones.Another related claim is that in ketosis it’s possible to hold breath for much longer than with glucose metabolism.

More information why I am interested in ketogenic diet and fasting, and why you should be too, can be found here.

Test I will follow modified ketogenic diet for 1 week (including Dom’s meal recommendations, adapted for women).
If I will be doing fine I will experiment with exogenous ketones (KetoForce) for 2 days.
If i will still be doing fine, I will do 3 day fast as described by Tim. Being keto-adapted already this should be fairly easy (in theory).
Then I will have 1 week off with my normal low carb diet. Then I will follow up with another 1 week of modified ketogenic diet.I will log my ketone levels with Ketonix* to monitor if I’m really in ketosis. I will also log my energy levels and productivity, especially during the fast.
I will log how long I can hold breath before I start the diet, after the fast, and at the end of experiment.*Ketonix only measures breath acetone which is not perfect, but that’s what I have available. Advantage is that it’s non-invasive 🙂
Expected result This diet will improve my energy levels, or at least not have negative impact. Despite eating fats predominantly, I will not gain nor lose weight.
After the third week (off diet) I will switch faster to ketone metabolism (right now I don’t reach ketosis even after 24 hours of fasting).
I will be able to hold my breath significantly longer than normal.
I will not have any major discomfort during the 3 day fast.

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