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Weekly experiment 1: Rules of “Titanium tea” experiment

Titan Tim Ferriss
Who is he/she Author, human guina pig
Name Titanium tea (explanation is here)
Category Healthy
Duration 17.4.-23.4.2017
Claim Drinking tea (mix of pu-erh and green tea) with turmeric and ginger and MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) will boost energy in the morning and help to be more focused.
Test I will drink Titanium tea every morning for 7 days.
My recipe:
10 year old raw pu-erh, Tie Guan Yin oolong tea, curcumin with ginger (from a pill), butter, MCT oil (C8 only)
(Tim uses MCT powder, but it’s a bit difficult to buy it in Singapore so I’ll use MCT oil and butter to achieve creamy consistency)
Expected result I will have a lot of energy in the morning, definitely not less than with bulletproof coffee that I drink for breakfast for past year and a half.
Ideally, Titanium tea doesn’t taste as horribly as it sounds.

2 thoughts on “Weekly experiment 1: Rules of “Titanium tea” experiment

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