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Weekly experiment 1: Results of Titanium tea experiment

This week’s experiment (my first official one!) is drinking Titanium Tea “invented” by Tim Ferriss. Background story, experiment protocol and my exact recipe can be found here and here.

The claim is that Titanium tea boosts energy, increases focus and works as breakfast replacement. What do I think about it after drinking it for one week?

Plus points:

  1. You don’t need breakfast. If you don’t add any carbs or proteins to this tea, your body will just burn the fats from MCT and butter. I I was not hungry at all for next 4-5 hours.
  2. It’s easy even when you travel. We were in Hong Kong on my first day of the experiment and it was easy to prepare even in the tiniest kitchen corner I’ve seen (when we travel we prioritize location over amenities – this time it meant tiny apartment on 9th floor without a lift, but it was right in the middle of our favorite area). On Thursday I had to go for a 1 day trip to Mumbai, so I just brought the prepared tea in thermos to the airport and drank it there.
    Or maybe it’s just easy for us. We got used to travel with Caffelano and everything else that we need for bulletproof coffee. This time we just brought tea instead, and a cheap version of Piao I teapot. “Blending” can be done by pouring everything into your thermos and shaking it really well.
  3. Great for a busy day. You can prepare it, pour it into thermos and drink it as a liquid extended breakfast throughout the whole morning, not feeling any hunger or sugar crash.
  4. The color. There’s something cheerful about drinking a yellow drink in the morning.
  5. Boosts immunity. I’m still a bit puzzled on whether it makes sense to use antioxidants in ketosis/fasted state (will it stop the hormetic effect we are after?), but with the amount of flying this week it was definitely a good thing for me.

Neutral points

  1. Yes it does give some energy and focus, but not as much as I would expect. To make sure I will not just be comparing it to BP coffee, I had no coffee with caffeine for 10 days prior this experiment. Still, I didn’t feel very big difference.
    It definitely did not perk me up enough for my Friday morning 2 hour confcall with my boss. But to be fair, I slept less than 4 hours. On a plane. After sleeping 4.5 hours the night before.

Minus points

  1. The taste. I thought maybe it’s just because my version is with medicinal turmeric/curcumin + ginger powder from the pill, but I tried the powder in turmeric almond “latte” before and it tasted great. I found culprit when I tried the mixed teas alone before putting the rest of ingredients in (note: I like both of them separately).
    It’s not horrible by any means, and it was OK to drink it, but I must say I can’t wait to switch back to the coffee version.
  2. I feel guilty every morning. For putting the nice 10 year old raw pu-erh tea, with beautiful Tie Guan Yin tea, and pouring hot water over them. It’s like if you order good old red wine, then a really nice white wine, and ask waiter to mix them in a bucket with some ice.
    But I guess this would go away. I used to have similar feeling when I started putting fats into the beautiful freshly roasted hand-grind hand-brewed coffee.
  3. “And it was all yellow”. My thermos is yellow. Our blender is yellow. First day my fingers were yellow. If you want to color something bright yellow, turmeric powder is the way to go.

Final judgement: Meh

Titanium tea works great as a breakfast replacement, and it’s full of antioxidants. But it didn’t give me enough energy and focus for the day. It’s better than nothing and if you can’t drink coffee you should definitely try it. But I will stick to my morning buttery coffee.

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