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Weekly experiment 2: Aromatherapy and piano music

This week will not be easy for me.

I will have to finish a lot of things at work before going for 10 day vacation in Europe. Then I will take long tiring flight from Singapore through Istanbul to Vienna, and continue to my home town for a few more hours. At the same time I will be continuing with my first monthly experiment, which means I will still be on ketogenic diet. And on top of that I will fast for full 3 days, for the first time in my life.

This is why I picked Nicholas McCarthy as Titan for Week 2. First reason is because he is the example that great things can be achieved against great odds, if one works hard.

Any of my excuses why my week is difficult sound like lame complaints, because a person born without right hand was able to become fantastic piano player, play in front of big audiences and even release album.

Second reason is that both of his recommendations sound relaxing and energizing at the same time. He recommends aromatherapy with geranium oil, and good piano music.

Good piano music would not hurt anyone anytime and I’m happy to try out something new. But I’m not a big fan of aromatherapy. I assume it’s because some people around me misused it in the past. But I definitely believe scents can influence state. For example smell of Singaporean taxi makes me sick anytime (learned association – bad driving lead to motion sickness lead to smell association). I will give geranium a try, and just to be on a safe side I also bought lavender oil.

I really hope they will help me to go through the week and my first 3 day fast. Fingers crossed!

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