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Weekly experiment 3: Creativity made easy

Do you sometimes feel that you used to be more creative in the past? That it used to be effortless to come up with ideas and solutions, but now it’s not?

I remember that when I was a student, I would think/read/talk about so many things, and do and experience a lot of weird interesting stuff as a result. Even when I started working during my studies, and a few years after, it was the same, my brain just worked on many new things. I was surrounded by people who were inspiring and engaging and always bringing some new ideas to think about and things to do.

But as I moved to corporate world, I gradually started spending more time at work, with my focus limited to solving problems there. And then I moved to Singapore, and deeper into the corporate world.

I spend less time with people who challenge themselves every day, and most of all who would challenge me every day. There are still areas where I am developing, but my “idea muscle” is definitely rusty.

This is why when I heard James Altucher’s recommendation of “daily 10” it really struck the chord for me. It’s beautifully simple exercise taking a few minutes, but it
a) trains the brain to come up with many new ideas on top of the obvious ones, and
b) is practical because you can use it for problems that actually bother you.

James Altucher uses this method often – and it’s probably one of the reasons why he could build a successful blog and podcast.

This is why I picked it as one of the first experiments. It scratches my itch. I feel it can help me a lot with this project of Titan Experiment, as well as with things that I want to work on in my life. And most of all – it may show me what are things I don’t know yet I should be working on. The unknown unknown.

I will have a good setting – I’m on holiday visiting my family and friends back in Slovakia, including a trip to the mountains with spa. I will write the “daily 10” in the morning, but I will probably think about it the whole day as well (I guess that’s the idea).

I will prepare 5 topics beforehand, but I’ll leave “wildcard” for 2 days – in case I find out during the week that there is some specific topic I want to tackle.

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