#Weekly experiments / Wise

Weekly experiment 3: Rules of “Creativity made easy”

Titan James Altucher
Who is he/she Author, entrepreneur, podcaster
Name Creativity made easy
Category Wise
Duration 01.05.-07.05.2017
Claim To exercise the “idea muscle” you should have daily practice of writing down list of 10 things. Examples would be e.g. 10 ridiculous things I would invent, 10 podcast ideas I can shoot, 10 things I disagree with that everyone else assumes is religion, 10 things I learned yesterday, 10 ways i can save time, etc.
This will produce a lot of bad ideas, but potentially some very good ones that one can follow further. It also “trains” brain to be more creative.
Test Every morning of the week I will write selected “list of 10”. My lists will include:

  • 10 things I want to get better at
  • 10 things I can do differently at work
  • 10 business ideas I could pursue
  • 10 ways I can save time
  • 10 things I learned from Tim Ferriss
  • 2 more “10 things” lists I will feel would help me the most
Expected result Writing 10 items should be easier at the end of the week as the brain is better trained.
By the end of the week I will have 3 great ideas that can improve my life, work, business, relationsip, health or others.

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