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Weekly experiment 2: Results of “Aromatherapy and piano music”

Last week was quite demanding. I had a lot of things to finish at work before going on 10 day holiday, and at the same time my monthly experiment with ketogenic diet culminated into a 3 day water fast on Wednesday – Saturday.

I was not really sure what to expect, because different people experience fasts differently, but I thought I could really benefit from recommendations from last week’s Titan, Nicholas McCarthy. He uses aromatherapy with geranium oil to keep himself creative and energized. He also gave recommendations for some piano music worth exploring. So what is my conclusion?

First, I have to say I admire Nicholas, and even though it sounds like a cliche, he is a huge inspiration. He achieved and continues achieving amazing things, against his big disadvantage, all through hard work and determination. Where does the power come from? This is how Nicholas explained it in one of the interviews:

“My approach… I always thank my parents for, because they’ve always treated me absolutely [like] I’m no different to anyone else; yes I have one hand but apart from that, really in the big scheme of things, that’s nothing. You know, There’s people who have far worse situations than me. And also they’ve always taught me that if I find something difficult to do, there’s always a way around it, I just have to think logically.”

Plus points
  • Aromatherapy is a pleasant way to create the right mindset. Olfactory system has strong influence on mood, and I can easily imagine using different scents for different activities. Lemongrass for work that needs focus, lavender for creative work, sandal wood for meditation.
  • I discovered some beautiful music. Just listen to this or this.
    Fun fact: YouTube algorithm filled my “recommended” list with a lot of classical music, and Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works 85-92. Thank you YouTube for reminding me of this great album, but please pick better quality version next time.
  • I can’t complain anymore about things being difficult for me. If Nicholas was able to become successful professional pianist, what are my excuses? What can I do when I am really determined?


  • I didn’t want to terrorize my colleagues with my aromatic experiment, so I was closed in the meeting room. Which means I barely spoke to them last week (on top of my usual slightly asocial behavior). But that way I removed a lot of distractions and got a lot of things done.

Minus points

  • Classical piano music is not suitable for work. Way too many things are happening and often unexpectedly, which is not good at all for focus. Especially Nicholas’ YouTube videos – I have a suspicion that he intentionally selects the hardest pieces available. It’s beautiful, but your attention keeps going to it.
  • I find geranium too sweet and overpowering, that’s why I switched to lavender.

Final judgement: Hell yeah!
I will keep using both. The music is beautiful addition to my morning walk to work, and most of all I want to try loading my waterproof mp3 player with piano music and listen to it while swimming. My bag still smells of lavender from pack of tissues with drops of the essential oils (my way to smuggle some oil into the plane), and I don’t mind a bit. I’ll experiment further with associating different scents with different activities.

And most of all – anytime I will feel life is tough on me, I’ll try to think of Nicholas and shut up and deal with it.

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