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Weekly experiment 4: 10 seconds to happiness

As you can see I am late with publishing the experiment for this week.
This week is hectic hectic hectic. I started the week by leaving my home town, travelling to Bratislava, meeting 6 different groups of friends in those 28 hours before leaving back to Singapore. Just before I went to the airport I realized that my personal notebook was bricked by unsuccessful BIOS update (damn you Lenovo), and I won’t be able to write on the plane, or at all until I solve the issue. That was on top of the problem that was already waiting for me in Singapore – hours before leaving for holiday 2 weeks ago I accidentally deleted my corporate data without having any backup.

I wasn’t feeling this down for quite some time. It was all so overwhelming that just before flying off I broke my monthly ketogenic experiment by eating a bag of dried pears.

I was feeling so down that I even forgot to perform this week’s exercise until much later on the plane. Which is a shame because it is supposed to lead to happiness, and might have actually prevented me from feeling that shitty.

This week’s “hack” is by Chade-Meng Tan. I haven’t heard of him before, but if someone is a Google pioneer and at the same time is endorsed by Dalai Lama, I’d like to try what he suggests.

One of his recommendations was perfect for this week because it only takes 10 seconds, and doesn’t require any equipment or complicated diet strategies.

Meng often does this exercise with his audience during public talks. He asks them to identify to human beings in the room and think “I wish for this person to be happy, and I wish for that person to be happy.” His claim is that the simple act of being on the giving side of kind thoughts will make us happier.

This is my experiment for Week 4. Every day I wish – quietly and in my head only – for 2 random people to be happy. It can be anyone I see at work, at the restaurant during lunch with friends, passengers on the plane. Or I can do that even right now at home – I can just think of two people who I don’t meet anymore and send them my loving kindness.

Rules for this experiment are described here.

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