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Week 5 experiment: Joints and hamstrings, beets and golf balls

One of my favorite episodes of Tim Ferriss Show podcast was the one with Amelia Boone. One part of it was that she’s a very interesting person – I don’t know what jobs other obstacle racers and ultra runners have, but probably not many of them are attorneys at Apple. She’s very strong personality, yet she doesn’t shy of being vulnerable. The other part was their interaction – you could hear the energy sparkling between those two, and I caught myself thinking how great it would be if those two would end up together. I don’t know what is their status, but based on pictures on Instagram they seem to be at minimum good friends.

Amelia is also author of my favorite answer of Tim’s usual “…what would you put on a billboard” question:


With Amelia’s extreme hobbies (think 24 hours obstacle race in freezing cold), she knows she needs to take very good care of her body. In the book she recommends a few things to improve connective tissue repair (hydrolyzed gelatin with beet root powder to cover the taste of cow hooves) and hamstring flexibility (rolling your foot on top of a golf ball on the floor).

I have family history and long-term issues with cartilages of my hip joints. I use gelatin to prevent the cyborg fate of my mom’s family (a lot of hip replacements), but same as Tim I’m having trouble to take it daily because of the taste and texture. On top of that beetroot provides other benefits. I’m not an athlete to enjoy benefits of short boost in nitrite levels (they say the urine samples on athletic events are now all pink from drinking beetroot as performance enhancer), but I don’t mind improved blood flow and mitochondrial function at all.

As I’m preparing for the upcoming monthly experiment with acroyoga, I’m experiencing the limits of my flexibility. My arms and shoulders are surprisingly fine, but legs and especially hamstrings need a lot of improvement. I still have some golf balls so I’ll give it a try. Let’s see if I can do that in the office without my colleagues thinking that I’m even more crazy than they thought so far 🙂

This week I will be testing these two easy hacks – using beetroot powder as a way of taking gelatin and improving blood flow, and rolling the ball to see if it has any effect on my hamstrings.

Amelia recommended other things as well – Rumble Roller, SkiErg, sauna, dry needling, etc. I will not test those because right now they are not very relevant for me. Moreover I get “sauna for endurance” most of the year thanks to living in hot and humid Singapore, so I’m not too keen to try heating my body even more.

Let’s see how it goes – will I feel some benefits or will I just pee purple and look funny rolling the ball in the office?

Overview of the experiment and the rules is available here.


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