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Ketogenic diet – Simple tool to calculate nutrient ratios

During ketogenic diet it is very important to to keep track of the right percentages of nutrients. As I was preparing for my experiment, I was searching for a tool that would help me with that, but I couldn’t find anything I’d like to use.

That’s why I created my own simple tool in Excel, filled it with foods that I usually eat in portions that I thought would be normal for me, and used it every day to calculate the nutrient ratios.


If you are considering giving ketogenic diet a try, feel free to use this tool. It’s not sexy or comprehensive, but it’s easy to use and edit. You can add your foods and just copy the formulas. It’s useful to track your meals as well, so in the second sheet you can see what I was eating first 2 weeks.

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3 thoughts on “Ketogenic diet – Simple tool to calculate nutrient ratios

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