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Week 6: Wantrepreneur detector by Noah Kagan

What separates entrepreneurs and “wantrepreneurs”? Many things probably, but Noah Kagan, one of Tim’s co-teachers for his “Starting a business” episode, recommends a simple challenge to find out whether you are entrepreneur material. Or you can do it if you suspect that you’ve grown a bit too comfortable in your job or business.

Or if you were raised up by parents who taught you that asking others for favors is not right and you should handle everything yourself. Which is certainly my case.

What Noah suggests is that we (me) ask for 10 % discount anytime we buy coffee. Or tea or anything. His point is that in any area of life, be it business or personal things, “you have to ask for things, and you have to put yourself out there”. We better get used to doing this.

This experiment will be extremely out of my comfort zone, because it goes against my concept of self-dependence. My ego is built on being responsible for my life, my financial situation, and even my happiness. On the other hand there’s another principle in which I strongly believe.

If the exchange is voluntary, it means both parties gained value, no matter what conditions they mutually agreed on.

This scares/angers the hell out of people when we go to extremes (try applying this to voluntary prostitution or price gouging for ice after natural disasters), but this is its very mild version. What I mean is that even when I get the 10% discount, the amount is still worth more to the seller than the goods they sell.

I have good reason to think that what Noah says is probably true. Not only because it makes sense, but he has a good track record. After being early employee of Facebook and Mint.com, he founded his own successful company for online marketing, has popular blog on the same topic, and supposedly created successful taco products as well.

So with this in my mind, I will start asking for a discount anywhere I will be buying goods, where it will not be considered indecent. It won’t make sense to ask cashier at a supermarket, but I’ll do that when buying coffee, tea or goods in smaller stores. Let’s see how much I can save in 1 week!

Titan Noah Kagan
Who is he/she Entrepreneur (internet, marketing & taco)
Name Wantrepreneur coffee challenge
Category Wealthy
Duration 22-28.5.2017
Claim To avoid being too comfortable, ask for 10% discount when you buy a coffee, tea or something else.
Test I will ask for 10% discount with any purchase where it is not indecent.
Expected result I will stop being afraid of ask people for something.

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