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5 productivity hacks beyond the obvious (presentation for Life Hackers Singapore)

Earlier this week we had first meetup of Life Hackers Singapore group. I founded the group as part of the care-bear-stare experiment from early July, hoping to build a community of people with interest to improve themselves and share the knowledge and experiment together.

The meetup group only has 45 members now, and only 9 came to the first meetup. But the discussion was great, we learned a lot from each other and I think everyone left with at least one or two things to try out immediately.

This is the presentation I gave that evening – suggesting 5 productivity hacks beyond nutrition, exercise and sleep. I highly recommend you to look at it and test some of the recommendations. Much more was discussed and we have a long list of topics for the future meetups (nutrition, learning, getting-things-done approach, heart rate variability, favorite gadgets, sleep, …), and now I have to setup Facebook group 🙂

Thank you again, Tim Ferriss and Shay Carl. This is another good example how we should not judge advice on its own merit, not by who is giving it. This advice by “YouTube celebrity” turns out to be worth gold for me.

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