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Week 14 – Life without caffeine?

Week 14 experiment – life without caffeine – was inspired by chapter about Jocko Willink, former Navy SEAL turned successful writer and entrepreneur. He is the co-author of Extreme Ownership concept. Jocko’s interview with Tim was probably his first public one, and since then he started his own podcast which seem to be quite successful.

Jocko Willink. Man respectable on many levels… 

Jocko Willink is miles away from any other human being I’ve encountered. To me he is like a character in a book that you always both admired and despised at the same time.

His work ethic and discipline is impeccable. He is humble and values facts. He is as close to radical honesty as you can get without people punching your face on a daily basis (who now dares to admit openly that something else is more important to them than their family?). I admire his resilience, leadership skills, decision process.

But my admiration and respect end there.

…and scary on some others

He believes that US have not only right, but moral imperative to intervene in other countries’ matters. He puts soldiers on a high pedestal as the true heroes of our times. On purely rational level I kind of understand why he says that for him leading his team in Iraq, fighting the “bad guys”, was the greatest thing that he’s ever done, and means to him more than his family.

He is very open and clear about his reasoning and his intentions, but I just can’t agree.

To me that conflict (and pretty much any US lead conflict since WW2) is a big fuckup which didn’t get better at all by what he was doing there. So far any of those actually made things worse. The fact that man of his capacity thinks that the best thing he did is to kill some people in a foreign country, in a conflict without any result that could be called success, is freaking scary and I remember having goosebumps when I was listening to interview with him.

The way I see it was a waste to use him for that. I believe he is bringing so much more value by what he is doing now – training businessmen and others to be more resilient, disciplined and better leaders. The peaceful way of changing the world may seem slow, but the results are sustainable.

Anyway, I always try to separate people from the tools they use and their success or advice, and to evaluate them on their own merits. I always think about Charlie Manson – he was a horrible person, but that doesn’t mean that some of the poetry he wrote isn’t beautiful.

“Jocko doesn’t want to need caffeine”

Jocko definitely has interesting things to say. I love his “discipline is freedom” mantra. But the first thing I put to test is his notion that he doesn’t drink coffee – because he doesn’t like the idea of depending on something external.

I drink a lot of coffee, and even though I do decaf week every few months, I never really thought about giving it up completely. I really like the taste of coffee, and I like its effect on me. Yet it’s an interesting thing to ponder.

Am I over-reliant on caffeine? Could I function without it?

I already stopped eating and drinking a lot of things that I found out were not good for me. So I will give this idea a good try and see where it leads me.

Titan Jocko Willink
Who is he/she Former Navy SEAL, entrepreneur, author, podcaster
Name Life without caffeine
Category Wise
Duration 14.-23.8.2017
Claim It’s good not to depend on caffeine.
Test I will live without caffeine for 10 days and potentially forever if it all goes well.
Expected result I should be OK to give up caffeine forever. (I’m skeptical)

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