How to remember anything you learn

Remembering things is a meta-skill that boosts many of the other skills. Yes, we now outsource our memory to Google, but some things are just too useful to forget – important things we need to do our job right, people we need to recognize, or just cool facts we can use to impress our friends.

I don’t know about you, but my memory (unfortunately) sucks.

Luckily Magnus, who spoke on our November Life Hackers Singapore meetup, knows a tool that can help us to remember anything. He shared how he uses spaced repetition to learn the names and faces of people he meets, geography, or useful phrases in Bahasa Indonesia; the tool he uses to do that effectively (Anki), as well as the best practices of using it.

This is his presentation about How to remember anything, including some history, golden rule for spaced repetition (5 days and 5 minutes), best practices for creating effective flash cards and additional learning materials.

One thought on “How to remember anything you learn

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