#Weekly experiments / Wise

Who needs another advice from YouTube celebrity?

Answer: it looks like I need it. Or at least I’ll test it. But first I should explain why I think it’s a good idea.

Last few weeks I was revisiting some of the older experiments that worked well, to remind myself of their power.

There are few things going on in my life which make me more prone to depression, so I tried to counteract it with 10 seconds of loving kindness thoughts every day. I kept track of the good things. I even did fear-setting exercise which helped me to decide for a huge change in my life.

My life didn’t get perfect for sure and I haven’t become zen master, but I do feel better, calmer and more in control. Even when it turned out that the huge change that I decided for is not happening, because “powers that be” don’t really like foreigners.

Another advice that keeps giving is the “care bear stare” or “first-of-a-kind group” recommendation by Shay Carl. The Life Hackers Singapore meetup group membership grew, and we had 3 meetups already (topics were 5 productivity hacks, Better sleep and Remembering anything). I’ve met some nice people, and it pushed me to learn new things. And it made me join a few other groups and go to more meetups in last 2 months.

Now I picked another advice from Shay Carl.

Frankly, I don’t know why I keep getting back to him. He is “YouTube celebrity” which doesn’t sound like the best person to get the advice from. Podcast with him is not on my list of Tim Ferriss Show episodes I recommend to everybody. Nevertheless, he proposed quite a few interesting and actionable things that got on my list of experiments.

One of them is this:

Ask yourself “What would I probably tell myself as 10 year older version of myself?”. If you start living the answers, you’re going to grow exponentially.

Do you know what would 10-year-older version of yourself would tell you?


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