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Tony Robbins: Priming the mind to kick ass

Happy arbitrary period called “year 2018”! 🙂

I wish you lots of health, great relationships and interesting experiences. Learn, experiment, do more of things you enjoy and occasionally do things that scare you or feel uncomfortable – that’s how we grow. And of course spend ample time with those you love and respect and want to learn from.

Start of this year found me sleeping on the plane somewhere between Vienna and Bangkok, which was an upgrade from our last year’s break which we spent on a bus from Bagan to Yangon with AC set around absolute zero probably to mimic winter. (next year might be sailing, and final goal is to spend New Year in space).

I’m not a big on new year resolutions, but end of the year is typically a good time to review what worked and what didn’t in the previous year (a.k.a. what I should do more/less of). I am very happy with my Titan experiments, so I’m inspired to continue.

I was looking for something to boost my energy – to complement all my travel/jetlag hacking skills to fight 7 hour and 30 degrees Celsius difference.

Priming a’la Tony Robbins seems like a good way to start the year.

According to Wikipedia, Tony Robbins is “an American author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach”.

I used to think he’s a cheesy televangelist and snake charmer, but Tim’s podcasts with him changed my mind. His energy is impressive, he developed interesting strategies to develop his mind and keep himself healthy and charged. And he seems to have ability to unstuck people.

Still even watching documentary about him and his process (I am not your guru) did not persuade me to go to his event. I don’t know if I’m afraid what I/he would find about myself, or just think it’s a waste of money.

But I can use his priming regimen completely for free, and I’m curious if I will kick ass as he does.

Tony believes that, in a lowered emotional state, we only see the problems, not solutions.

To fix it, he recommends a few steps to “prime” our state first thing in the morning:

  • 1 min cold shower
  • Breathing exercise similar to “breath of fire” with arm movements, 3 reps x 30 breaths
    It’s done seated, rapid nasal breathing while quickly extending arms over your head on the inhale, dropping them on the exhale.
    Alternative – breath walking (walking while alternating 4 short nasal inhales and 4 short exhales through the mouth)
  • Tony’s twist on meditative practice, 9 min
    • 3 minutes of intense gratitude for 3 things (one of them very simple);
    • 3 minutes of feeling the God/inner presence; feeling it heal my body, mind, emotions, relationships, finances;
    • 3 minutes focusing on 3 things I’m going to make happen – seeing them “as though it’s already been done, feel the emotions, etc”

Expected effect of this priming combo should be shift to higher energy, and shift from complaining/struggling mode to solving mode.

Can you think of a better way to start the year?

Of course, I foresee some struggles, and not just because I’m in lower energy state. I’ll be struggling with step 3 – I’m not a religious person and I despise the idea of outsourcing e.g. healing my emotions to higher beings. But we should occasionally do things that feel uncomfortable, so I’ll give it a good try. I’m curious how this one will go.

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