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2 ongoing experiments – Lifebook and preventing jetlag (for other people)

In case you were wondering whether the Titan Experiment project died off, you are right. Kind off. Not completely.

I still do experiments, from Tools of Titans book, from other recommendations by guests on Tim Ferriss Show, and many others.

The truth is that 2 of my largest experiments of this year took so much time that I decided not to write here.

First experiment was Lifebook. It’s a personal development system (?) that my good friend was telling me to do for ages. So when MindValley cooperated with Lifebook founders earlier this year, I took the advantage of it and took My Lifebook Online course starting in March.

Is Lifebook for everybody? Hell no. Was Lifebook useful for me? Absolutely and definitely yes. I literally use it every day and it changed many of my mindsets for the better. I’m more productive, courageous, committed, happier.

It sounds like I joined a religious sect, but it’s not like that. What I love about it is that they never tell you how you should live your life, there are no magic truths served on a silver platter. Lifebook just gives you framework for thinking about what you want to (and can) achieve, and give you tools to achieve it (their goal framework is a killer). The rest is your hard work. You create the content, you plan, you work on achieving it.

As result of creating my Lifebook I realized I not just want to, but I also *can* do much more than I was doing. I just need to be willing to take (reasonable) risks, and have the grit to persist.

One of the outcomes is that I am (aside from my normal job) building an app to prevent jetlag – Hecatee. This “experiment” is eating up most of my spare time.

Hecatee is in line with what Tim often says – viable projects are often based on scratching your own itch. My travel schedule this year was so crazy that I got tired of constantly calculating when to do what to best adjust to new timezones. Of course having an app for that would be a great help, but there was nothing reasonably good on the market.

So I am trying to create something that I will love using, and hopefully others too.

It’s incredible fun, it’s rewarding, I’ve learned tons about anything from circadian rhythm, dolphins’ sleep, user intervies, design wireframes, backendless applications and difficulties of working with people.

Quite frankly, it’s a horrible experience too. It’s freaking tough to keep pushing when buckets of shit hit the fan, when deadline is long gone and the app developer doesn’t communicate, when I see my todolist growing to War and Peace proportions, and especially when I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing and going to fail miserably.

But hey, no real success was ever achieved without risk and grit. As Dan Sullivan says: “Commitment and courage need to come before the competence and confidence.”.

For now I know the courage period feels like shit and competence and confidence seem to be far in the future 🙂 But without pushing things forward I will not be able to achieve them. So good luck and lots of grit to me!

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