Titan Experiment is my personal one-year project of improving my life, inspired by book Tools of Titans.

In December 2016 Tim Ferriss, the “self-help guru” and self-proclaimed human guinea pig, published another tome Tools of Titans. It’s a book full of “tactics, routines and habits” of successful people he interviewed for his podcast. But how can I use the book to make my life, and life those around me, better? Are their stories and advice relevant to lives of us, regular people?

I decided to subject Tools of Titans to a series of experiments to see whether it can be translated into real improvements in my life, to make my health, relationships, energy and productivity better.

I follow Tim since my friend gave me pdf* of his book 4 Hour Body. A lot of it did not seem useful for me – because I was not really planning to venture into bodybuilding or tango. But then I tried one tiny ridiculously looking “hack”, because it took only 5 minutes and my back was hurting. And it worked, to my surprise, shattering my belief that this kind of “guru advice” is useless for normal people.

Fast forward a few years, I’ve tried quite a lot of things Tim and others like him have recommended, with varied (but often good) results. I’ve been listening to his podcast since the beginning and enjoy it a lot. And now I have Tools of Titans in my hands. It’s 700 pages of advice he himself claims he’s been applying in his own life.

I found many things that look helpful, but if I won’t try them, it’s just another shelf-help book. Some look simple, but some need a bit effort to come up with ways how to use them. “Don’t be a donkey” sounds great, but how do you apply it in your daily life?.

I don’t want Tools of Titans to become another 4 Hour Chef for me (I have not tested/applied anything from there). Therefore every week for one year I’m going to test one bit of Titans, try to apply it into real life and report on if and how it can be relevant for someone who is not a top performer living in US.

Another thing that I find really annoying is how many times I’ve seen people complaining that Tim does not interview enough women. I think gender should be the last thing to consider when anyone decides who to interview. It’s about talking to interesting people, and very few of the recommendations are only applicable to one gender (and interestingly enough it’s mostly women-specific advice). By testing the recommendation I believe I can prove that it doesn’t matter whether it comes from a man or a woman, it only matters whether it’s applicable or not.

Titan Experiment is a system to improve life. Feel free to follow me as I fail and succeed on my way, and you are more then welcome to try some of the experiments with me.


Happy me in zero gravity

Who am I? I’m Martina, 38 years old woman who moved 5 years ago from Slovakia to Singapore. I have a pretty average office job in IT/banking with above-average amount of travel.

I’m lucky to have husband who doesn’t mind my crazy experiments and even joins me for some of them. We both love hiking and since we moved to Asia we fell in love with volcanoes, but seeing flowing hot lava is still on my list.


*Tim mentions in his book he was very upset about people pirating his book, until Matt Mullenweg told him he should take it as a free advertising. In 2008 that would seem as a silly advice, but Matt was right. I bought all of his books eventually, and I buy them for others too.