Week 6: Wantrepreneur detector by Noah Kagan
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Week 6: Wantrepreneur detector by Noah Kagan

What separates entrepreneurs and “wantrepreneurs”? Many things probably, but Noah Kagan, one of Tim’s co-teachers for his “Starting a business” episode, recommends a simple challenge to find out whether you are entrepreneur material. Or you can do it if you suspect that you’ve grown a bit too comfortable in your job or business. Or if you … Continue reading

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Week 5 experiment rules: Joints and hamstrings, beets and golf balls

Titan Amelia Boone Who is he/she Attorney winning competitions like World’s Toughest Mudder and Spartan Race. Smart and interesting lady. Practically a Wonder Woman. Name Healthy joints, recovery and flexibility Category Healthy Duration yes Claim 1) Hydrolized gelatin improves connective tissue repair 2) Beet root powder (on top of having benefits by itself) is perfect … Continue reading

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Weekly experiment 4: Rules of “10 seconds to happiness”

Titan Chade-Meng Tan Who is he/she Google pioneer, best-selling author, mindfulness teacher Name 10 seconds to happiness You can read more details here Category Wise Duration 08.05.-14.05.2017 Claim 10 seconds of loving kindness daily makes you a happier person Test Every day I will randomly identify two people who walk past me or are standing or sitting … Continue reading