The rules of Titan Experiment are very simple

  • I will do one short experiment every week and one long experiment every month*
  • I will pick from wide ranging topics from all sections of the book – Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
  • I will publicly announce the experiment – what is the claim, how I will test it and for how long
  • Once the experiment is finished, I will share my experience and my judgement of its usefulness
    I will use 3 categories (I might rename them if I find better words)

    • Hell Yeah!: I am very happy with results and I will continue using this tool
    • Yeah… sometimes: Results are good, but I will only use this tool occassionally
    • Meh: I don’t find it worth doing
  • Budget – my quarterly budget for purchases will be max 420 SGD to allow me to buy at least 3 items.
    That’s less than 5 S$ a day. I’d say “less than a latte” but I don’t drink latte.

Important: Experiments should not impact my relationships, health, job or budget in a negative way. I’m OK to try weird/unusual things, but if I feel any given experiment is causing damage in these areas, I’ll stop. It does not make sense to finish the experiment just for the sake of finishing it (think systems vs. goals).


*During second month experiment I realized that it takes too much time to do and write about parallel monthly and weekly experiments. I will stick to the weekly schedule because it gives me more things to experiment with, and I can still continue to use the valuable ones for longer period of time.