Beets vs. Balls 1:0 (Week 5 experiment results)
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Beets vs. Balls 1:0 (Week 5 experiment results)

This week’s tricks recommended by the obstacle course racing queen Amelia Boone were focused on better joint health, energy and hamstring flexibility. I was ingesting beetroot powder with gelatin in a few different forms, and rolling my feet on golf balls. The experiment started with a failure (again?). I knew I will travel to Myanmar … Continue reading

Is ketogenic diet really the productivity hack you should try? (Monthly experiment results, part 1)
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Is ketogenic diet really the productivity hack you should try? (Monthly experiment results, part 1)

I finished my first monthly experiment – Ketogenic diet and fasting. There’s a lot of things to write about both keto and fasting, so I decided to split results into two parts. Second part will be about the interesting experience with 3 day fast, and here in part one I will start with reviewing ketogenic … Continue reading

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Week 5 experiment rules: Joints and hamstrings, beets and golf balls

Titan Amelia Boone Who is he/she Attorney winning competitions like World’s Toughest Mudder and Spartan Race. Smart and interesting lady. Practically a Wonder Woman. Name Healthy joints, recovery and flexibility Category Healthy Duration yes Claim 1) Hydrolized gelatin improves connective tissue repair 2) Beet root powder (on top of having benefits by itself) is perfect … Continue reading

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Weekly experiment 2: Rules of “Aromatherapy and piano music” experiment

Titan Nicholas McCarthy Who is he/she Very successful pianist. Playing with left hand only. Name Aromatherapy and piano music Category Healthy, Wise Duration 24.4.-30.4.2017 Claim Aromatherapy with geranium essential oil is both relaxing and energizing, good for creative work and stamina. Music of Franz Liszt and Martha Argerich (esp. Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No 1 FULL … Continue reading