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Weekly experiment 4: Rules of “10 seconds to happiness”

Titan Chade-Meng Tan Who is he/she Google pioneer, best-selling author, mindfulness teacher Name 10 seconds to happiness You can read more details here Category Wise Duration 08.05.-14.05.2017 Claim 10 seconds of loving kindness daily makes you a happier person Test Every day I will randomly identify two people who walk past me or are standing or sitting … Continue reading

#Weekly experiments / Wise

Weekly experiment 3: Rules of “Creativity made easy”

Titan James Altucher Who is he/she Author, entrepreneur, podcaster Name Creativity made easy Category Wise Duration 01.05.-07.05.2017 Claim To exercise the “idea muscle” you should have daily practice of writing down list of 10 things. Examples would be e.g. 10 ridiculous things I would invent, 10 podcast ideas I can shoot, 10 things I disagree … Continue reading

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Weekly experiment 2: Rules of “Aromatherapy and piano music” experiment

Titan Nicholas McCarthy Who is he/she Very successful pianist. Playing with left hand only. Name Aromatherapy and piano music Category Healthy, Wise Duration 24.4.-30.4.2017 Claim Aromatherapy with geranium essential oil is both relaxing and energizing, good for creative work and stamina. Music of Franz Liszt and Martha Argerich (esp. Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No 1 FULL … Continue reading