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10 things I learned from Tim Ferriss (example of list created during Weekly experiment 3: “Creativity made easy”)

This is an example of one of the lists that I prepared. Tuesday’s topic was “10 things I learned from Tim Ferriss”. As you can see, I could not stop at number 10. Morning exercise routine I’ve been using bits of 4HB exercise since I’ve read the book as my quick go-to morning exercise. My … Continue reading

#Weekly experiments / Results / Wise

Weekly experiment 3: Results of “Creativity made easy”

Instead of my usual semi-quiet life in Singapore, I spent last week on hectic family holiday in Slovakia. Flexing the “idea muscle” on a family holiday seems both like a bad and a great idea. Finding quiet time to sit down and write seemed almost impossible during the very short period I had with my whole family including … Continue reading

#Weekly experiments / Wise

Weekly experiment 3: Rules of “Creativity made easy”

Titan James Altucher Who is he/she Author, entrepreneur, podcaster Name Creativity made easy Category Wise Duration 01.05.-07.05.2017 Claim To exercise the “idea muscle” you should have daily practice of writing down list of 10 things. Examples would be e.g. 10 ridiculous things I would invent, 10 podcast ideas I can shoot, 10 things I disagree … Continue reading