Week 12 – Shay Carl and Creating the “Care Bear Stare”
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Week 12 – Shay Carl and Creating the “Care Bear Stare”

Shay Carl is one of the people I’ve never heard of prior to his appearance in Tim’s podcast. He is part of the world that I know nothing of – YouTube celebrities. Of course I use YouTube – but it’s to watch videos about specific topics like movie reviews, correct way to exercise, Rhonda Patrick’s … Continue reading

Week 8 – Dealing with anger by “Inviting Mara to Tea”
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Week 8 – Dealing with anger by “Inviting Mara to Tea”

I had to do something. Do you know that feeling when everything and anything around you feels just slightly more irritating? People walk too slowly. You frown. Someone stands in your way. You ostentatiously walk around and make sure they notice. Your colleague forgot to tell you that agenda changed and you are not prepared … Continue reading

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Weekly experiment 4: Rules of “10 seconds to happiness”

Titan Chade-Meng Tan Who is he/she Google pioneer, best-selling author, mindfulness teacher Name 10 seconds to happiness You can read more details here Category Wise Duration 08.05.-14.05.2017 Claim 10 seconds of loving kindness daily makes you a happier person Test Every day I will randomly identify two people who walk past me or are standing or sitting … Continue reading

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10 things I learned from Tim Ferriss (example of list created during Weekly experiment 3: “Creativity made easy”)

This is an example of one of the lists that I prepared. Tuesday’s topic was “10 things I learned from Tim Ferriss”. As you can see, I could not stop at number 10. Morning exercise routine I’ve been using bits of 4HB exercise since I’ve read the book as my quick go-to morning exercise. My … Continue reading