List of weekly experiments

Experiment 1 – Titanium tea (Tim Ferriss)
[productivity hacks]

Experiment 2 – Aromatherapy and piano music for focus (Nicholas McCarthy)
[productivity and mind hacks]

Experiment 3 – Creativity made easy (James Altucher)
[productivity and mind hacks]

Experiment 4 – 10 seconds to happiness (Chade-Meng Tan)
[mind hacks]

Experiment 5 – Joints and hamstrings, beets and golf balls (Amelia Boone)
[bio hacks]

Experiment 6 –  Wantrepreneur detector a.k.a. Coffee challenge  (Noah Kagan)
[mind hacks]

Experiment 7 – Audiobooks, everywhere (Stanley McChrystal)
[productivity hacks]

Experiment 8 – Dealing with anger by “Inviting Mara to tea” (Tara Brach)
[mind hacks]

  • Introduction – Buddhist tricks to handle negative emotions
  • Results – How to achieve enlightenment by using #hashtags

Experiment 9 – Is this what I feared so much? (a.k.a. Stoic week) (Tim Ferriss, Seneca)
[mind hacks]

Experiment 10 – Fear Setting exercise (Tim Ferriss)
[mind hacks]

Experiment 11 – The Care Bear Stare (power of groups; Shay Carl)
[productivity and mind hacks]

Experiment 12 – The zero gravity experience
[mind hacks]

Experiment 13 – Keeping track of good things (Seth Godin)
[mind hacks]

  • Introduction – Keeping track of negative things sets the wrong narrative, can we change it?
  • Results – How keeping of good things made me do more good things

Experiment 14 – Don’t depend on caffeine (Jocko Willink)
[mind hacks]

Experiment 15 – Testing faster typing with Dvorak keyboard (Matt Mullenweg)
[productivity hacks]

Experiment 16 – Intermittent fasting (Dominic D’Agostino, Peter Attia, Wim Hof and others)
[health/longevity hacks]

  • Introduction + results – Why is IF getting so popular (hint: health and longevity), how to do it (safely), and why I won’t change my fasting regimen

Experiment 17 – Life Hacks : Better Sleep (Continuing Care Bear Stare experiment)
[health and productivity hacks]

  • Life Hacks : Better Sleep presentation – My presentation for Life Hackers Singapore group, includes lots of advice for improving sleep from managing the blue light exposure and temperature, through supplements to timing of activities

Experiment 18 – How to remember anything you learn (Continuing Care Bear Stare experiment)
[productivity hacks]

Experiment 20 – Another advice from YouTube celebrity? (Learn from your future self; Shay Carl)
[life strategy hacks]

  • Introduction – What advice would 10 year older version of yourself give to you?
  • Results – How I can use this to do things now that will be important even in 10 years

Experiment 21 – Priming as a morning ritual to kick ass (Tony Robbins)
[energy hacks]

  • Introduction – “Priming” as 3 step process to start morning in high energy state

Inbetweenosode: Best and most useful experiments of 2017